Hi, I'm Hootan Nikbakht 👋🏻

I'm a software developer who loves leading teams and creating cool tech solutions. I've worked a lot with SaaS and mobile gaming, always aiming to innovate. Lately, I've gotten into finance, especially options writing. It's been a fun and rewarding challenge that adds to my skill set.

When I'm not coding or brainstorming with my team, I'm probably outdoors. I love skiing, hiking, walking, or biking by the beach—anything that gets me into nature. I also enjoy watching good animations.

That's a bit about me! I'm all about blending tech with creativity and finding balance in everything I do.

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  • Feb2017 - Sep2023
    Lucky Day Entertainment, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA
    Chief Technology Officer

    I spearheaded team and architecture development, scaling our user base to around 10 million Monthly Active Users (MAU) and generating over $80 million annually. I expanded engineering teams from 4 to 30+ members, maintaining quality and fostering collaboration. Day-to-day, I provided technical leadership, conducted architecture and code reviews, and launched games on AWS. I collaborated with key stakeholders, shaping product and revenue strategies, and worked cross-functionally to optimize outcomes. With product managers, I developed and launched new features, ensuring high quality and reliability while staying cost-effective. I stayed updated on industry trends to keep our team competitive.

  • Mar2014 - Jan2017
    Tilofy, Los Angeles, CA
    Chief Technology Officer

    I led a team of four developers to launch a trend forecasting B2B SaaS solution, incorporating innovative features that gained traction in the market. We also developed and scaled a geo-spatial context-driven event detection system using advanced statistical models. Collaborating closely with product managers, we launched new features to meet customer needs. Additionally, I stayed updated on technology trends and introduced development tools to enhance performance and streamline operations.

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If you want to get in touch with me about something or just to say hi, reach out on social media or send me an email.